The Constitution Hangs by a Thread

“You will see the Constitution of the United States almost destroyed. It will hang like a thread as fine as a silk fiber…. I love the Constitution; it was made by the inspiration of God; and it will be preserved and saved…” – Attributed to Joseph Smith, May 1843 Across congregations of the Mormon Church […]

Background Checks Work

Recently the US Senate fell short of passing the most reasonable gun control measure ever brought to the Congressional floor by six votes (54 votes — just a few shy of blocking a filibuster).  The legislation was centered on closing background check loopholes involving private sellers at gun shows and through online sales.  The legislation […]

The Primary Concern

The primary election process is the greatest cancer on our political landscape.  They have become a moral issue, driving politicians to make choices based on survival instead of reasonable policy and personal conviction.  Primaries have driven moderate thinking out of the mainstream, and created an environment where compromise is the new four letter word.  Primaries […]

Understanding the US Budget

The United States budget can be broken into two groups, DISCRETIONARY spending and MANDATORY spending.  About 7% of the budget is interest paid on our debt – which will only increase, but should also be considered mandatory as defaulting is not an option. As you can probably guess mandatory spending is outside of the President’s […]

Sorting Out the Benghazi Mess

What is the motivation for President Obama to lie about the Benghazi incident? The entire premise of the right’s argument of cover-up falls apart with this simple question.  In a court of law motive is everything — any case lacking motive is deemed a weak position.  In the case against Obama’s handling of Benghazi, motive […]

Come on Exxon, Be a Leader!

Procter and Gamble is a great American company.  In 1837 two immigrant brother-in-laws combined their soap and candle business to start what would eventually become the largest consumer products company in the world.  Their early beginnings are a testament to American capitalism, and just as important, patriotism.  In 1860 on the brink of Civil War, […]

Reagan vs. Obama on Unemployment

For those of you who read my posts on a regular basis you know I have a deep respect for President Reagan.  Not the Reagan fantasized by the Tea Party today but the real Reagan that negotiated with the left instead of holding them hostage, was liberal on social platforms, and used religion only as […]

One More Reason to Support Obamacare

I am constantly criticized by my Republicans friends about the apparent contradictory position of being a pro-life Democrat.  To them this position is contradictory and dishonest.  To me voting with this political platform is irrelevant and insignificant.  Why?  Because whether or not someone is pro-life is a moral argument, and these kind of arguments are […]

Don’t Call Me a Republican

I am not a Republican. I believe in marriage between a man and a woman.  I am a gun owner.  I am a senior manager in the middle of corporate America.  I detest the Occupy Wall Street movement.  I believe unions stifle business growth and drive productivity out of the marketplace.  My car is powered […]

What is Driving Unemployment?

With the presidential election heating up there is one soundbite we hear from both sides on a regular basis – unemployment.  Although each side will lay out persuasive stories to drive awareness to their positions, unemployment is an elusive number driven by multiple levers.  Using only one measure to judge economic health is not only […]

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